Wellbeing Waterloo Region


Wellbeing Waterloo Region is a community-led initiative working together across sectors to improve wellbeing of residents. Community wellbeing is shaped by a wide variety of conditions and systems, in which individuals and communities are born, grow, work, live and play.

Waterloo Region is a community that has a number of partnerships which have made significant progress towards dealing with complex issues of community wellbeing. Over the past several years there have been many conversations that have identified some urgency to collaborate across these partnerships to further advance a more integrated, holistic approach to community wellbeing to create significant and impactful solutions.

Collective impact has been used as the approach to develop the Wellbeing Waterloo Region model. Collective impact provides a structured approach to work on complex issues to achieve significant and lasting social change through the collective and coordinated effort of multiple sectors coming together on a common agenda, shared measurement and alignment of effort. The approach is premised on the belief that no single policy, government department, organization or program can tackle or solve the increasingly complex social problems we face as a society.

If you want to know more about Wellbeing Waterloo Region and how the initiative come into being, please visit our Background page.

Coordinated Measurement Approach

A Measurement and Monitoring working group was established by the community and the group has identified the Canadian Index of Wellbeing as the overall framework for measuring wellbeing in Waterloo Region. For details on the initiative’s coordinated measurement approach, visit our “Measuring Wellbeing page.”

A number of events have taken place as the community works to coordinate and collect data towards establishing priorities. Visit the Past Events page for more information.

The Wellbeing Waterloo Region Survey is now closed!

Thank you for participating in the Wellbeing Waterloo Region Survey. Your input is important and will help define priorities and inform the strategic planning efforts of the survey partners.

Survey results were made available in late fall 2018, and will be published on this website.