A community collaborative to improve the wellbeing of residents in Waterloo Region
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Wellbeing Waterloo Region

Who We Are

Wellbeing Waterloo Region is a community-led initiative working together across sectors to improve the wellbeing of residents.

We bring together people and groups representing non-profit organizations, governments, local residents, philanthropic organizations, local collaboratives, and various sectors: business, environmental, technological, cultural, etc.


A community where everyone thrives and no one is left behind.


We are a diverse and connected network working together differently to make transformational change in wellbeing. We are able to impact wellbeing together in a way we are unable to alone.


Courageous – Transformative – Adaptive – Inclusive – Equitable


We strive to build impact in 3 big idea areas:

1. Affordable Housing
Everyone has a place to call home.

2. Healthy Children & Youth
All children and youth have the foundation they need to thrive and reach their potential.

3. Social Inclusion
Everyone is welcome and can belong.

We will know we have made a difference by measuring, monitoring and reporting regularly on our wellbeing indicators and actions.

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