30 Day Challenge

A Daily Practice Challenging Barriers to Equity
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Through dialogue and training, members of Wellbeing Waterloo Region have begun to create shared understanding of what social inequities are, how they are produced, and what is required for their disruption.

We have also come to understand that practice is key to personal development and continuous learning about these issues. 

The 30 Day Challenge is a daily practice of short, fun, and thought-provoking activities to help us mobilize in the struggle to challenge systemic barriers to equity – at home, on the job, and in our wellbeing work.

Every day for an entire month, participants are invited to open a new challenge on the 30 day calendar. The challenges are designed to boost knowledge and capacity around equity issues such as unconscious bias, social inclusion, and various forms of privilege.

Each challenge should take under 10 minutes, and features a learn, reflect, and practice component.

  • Learn – A short video or article on a specific topic related to equity.
  • Reflect – Questions to guide your thinking during and after the learning.
  • Practice – A small actionable item to bring into your practice.

You may not agree, or feel comfortable with every piece of content provided. That’s ok! The challenge is to work through the discomfort to stimulate thoughts and discussions around these important topics.

By engaging in this practice together, we hope to develop strategies to improve relationships, cultivate new thought processes, and rewire our brains in ways that will help make Waterloo Region a place where everyone thrives and no one is left behind.


There are three special challenge questions hidden within the 30 Day Challenge calendar. Answer all three questions in the answer box provided with your name and email, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win some great prizes.*

*Please note prizes will only be distributed to people living or working in Waterloo Region.

PRIZE 1) Optimistic Brain 4 Steps to Balance mindfulness based online course bundle
This prize is an online course bundle featuring the highly rated and exclusive 4 Steps to Balance™ Program developed by Optimistic Brain.  This bundle is an interactive set of online courses that you can do anytime and anyplace.  These courses will teach you HOW to become more centered, balanced and resilient in order to create that grounded and stable platform from which you can accomplish what YOU want and really soar. The value of this bundle is $260.00.

PRIZE 2) unlearn. Poster Pack 2
unlearn. challenges everyone to develop an equity lens by thinking critically about their unconscious biases and examining how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships. The all-new unlearn. “Poster Pack 2” is a cross-curricular equity and inclusion resource which helps to stimulate social and emotional learning through critical thinking. This prize features a collection of 24 newly designed and curated images which were developed to empower students and educators to have a transformational dialogue about equity and human rights issues. This prize is valued at $124.99.

30 Day Challenge


Please share widely! We invite your questions and feedback.

Contact: wellbeingwr@regionofwaterloo.ca