Big Ideas

Working together, the community has identified three Big Ideas ā€” areas to focus our collaborative efforts to make meaningful and transformational change.

1) Affordable Housing

ALL IN 2020 logo

ALL IN 2020: Ending chronic homelessness

Mobilize the community to end Chronic homelessness in Waterloo Region by 2020.

Leadership Waterloo Region

Leadership Waterloo Region

Wellbeing Waterloo Region has formed a strategic alliance with Leadership Waterloo Region to begin the background work on Wellbeing Waterloo Strategic Objective 1.4 — Build readiness to move to a transformative affordable housing focus.

This alliance will be for the time period of April 5 2019ā€“ June 2020.

2) Social Inclusion

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Social Inclusion: Everyone feels welcome and can belong

Create in Waterloo Region a social inclusion movement that seeks equity, prevents isolation and strengthens belonging.

3) Healthy Children and Youth

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Healthy Children and Youth: All children and youth have the foundation they need to thrive and reach their potential

Focus to be determined in accordance with the outcome of Smart Waterloo Region.