Community Safety and Wellbeing Legislation

As of January 1, 2019 the Province of Ontario has legislated municipalities under the Police Services Act to develop and adopt Community Safety and Wellbeing (CSWB) Plans.

In two-tiered municipal systems, the Regional municipality is responsible for this process and must develop the plan in partnership with a multi-sectoral advisory committee comprised of representation from Police and local service providers, including health/mental health, education, community/social services and children/youth services. Because of the combined work that has occurred to-date in the community, the Region of Waterloo is in a good position to develop a CSWB Plan and will build on that existing work.

This process to develop the plan will include:

  • Identification of priority areas to address community needs
  • Identification of existing programs and services that support community safety and wellbeing.
  • Community engagement to identify the assets, gaps and risks that exist in Waterloo Region
  • Action planning to address priority areas.

This process will be undertaken in collaboration with community partners and members of the public.

The Province has provided a framework that supports the mandatory legislative requirements. This framework outlines the tasks, roles and timelines that are required for the Region to take, in order to be in compliance with the new legislation. More information about the legislation can be found on the Province of Ontario Community Safety and Wellbeing website.

More information on the Region’s planning process and status regarding plan development can be found on the Region of Waterloo’s website.

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