Finding Hope

We invite you to join our ‘Finding Hope’ movement.

Hope is that feeling we experience when we see—in the mind’s eye—the possibility of a better future. Hope acknowledges the obstacles and pitfalls in front of us, but is unwavering in its resolve, unbreakable in its foundation, and stronger than we can comprehend. Finding Hope invites you to look around and find your reason to be optimistic. To be hopeful.

Nothing is permanent.
Not even darkness.
But it’s the darkness that gives you a reason to love the light.

Finding hope invites you to look for and acknowledge where you find hope.
Then take a picture. Write about it. Film a short video.
Share the hope you found with others.
With us here or on our social media.
Share it on your own social media.
With your colleagues, friends and family.

View the Finding Hope movement’s Call to Action.

Unsure of how to tell your story? Visit this guide.

Create and share your own stories of hope and share them using the hashtag #FindingHopeWWR or #FindingHopeMovement.

Want to learn more? Visit this document to see the dates of upcoming Finding Hope information sessions. Please note that some of the session times have changed. Please consult the linked document for the most up-to-date information.

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If you are in crisis or unsure of what services might be helpful, please call Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247.

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