Happy Holi!

The festival of Holi – also known as the festival of colours – is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. It’s a vibrant celebration signifying the victory of good over evil, end of winter, and promise of the upcoming spring harvest.

Throughout Holi, many gather with friends and family in celebration. The festivities are all about play, and often begin with a bonfire the night before (Holika Dahan), where people may enjoy singing and dancing together.

During the festival itself, people of all ages from all walks of life tend to gather in open spaces to engage in fun activities, such as tossing colourful powders and water balloons, playing games, and enjoying loud music. Sweets and treats abound.

On March 21st, you can wish observers Happy Holi by saying, “Holi Hai!” and don’t forget to download our Holi poster below to display in your places of work and community!

Print and display our Holi poster now!
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