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Lois Macdonald — Program Elder

Lois Macdonald holds the role of Program Elder with Wellbeing Waterloo Region and is from Missanbie Cree First Nation. The Elder position carries the responsibility to ensure the WWR community remembers that we all have a shared responsibility where everyone is welcome and can belong.

Indigenous Working Group

In collaboration with Indigenous leaders, the Indigenous Working Group implements training, education, and tools to the working groups of WWR on Indigenous culture, history, and the impacts of colonization, while providing opportunities for reflection on how to work towards reconciliation.

Documents Repository

Territorial Acknowledgements

October, 2019

This document is one of Wellbeing Waterloo Region’s “living” (ever-changing) resources and tools to support education on acknowledging the land upon which we conduct ourselves with our community partners.

Offering Territorial Acknowledgements (PDF)

Indigenous Community Consultations

September, 2018

The purpose of the Indigenous Community Consultations report is to provide an overview of the issues and calls to action identified through the one-to-one meetings with Indigenous leaders and allies.

Indigenous Community Consultations Report (PDF report)

Traditional Medicines

July, 2019

This document outlines some of the many traditional medicines used in Indigenous cultures, which may vary from Nation to Nation.  Traditional medicine can integrate mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

DRAFT – Traditional Medicines Information (PDF)

Burning of Traditional Medicines (Smudging)

This document outlines the smudging ceremony that is used by some Indigenous people as a way to cleanse energies from spaces including the mind, body and environment.  It is also away to connect to creation. This practice was one among many that were made illegal by the Indian Act (the clause has been removed, but the legislation stands).

Coming soon.

Educational Resources
  1. Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports
  2. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  3. The Urban Indigenous Action Plan
  4. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls – National Inquiry Documents
  5. First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework – Summary Report
  6. Indigenous Allyship: An Overview