Measuring Wellbeing

We can only know where to steer our efforts and if/how we’ve made a difference by measuring, monitoring and reporting regularly on our wellbeing indicators and actions.

Coordinated Measurement Approach

It was important to the community to develop a coordinated measuring and monitoring approach to measure community wellbeing in Waterloo Region. In order to do this, a Measurement and Monitoring working group was established to:

  • Create a commonly agreed upon set of indicators of community wellbeing that provide regular reports on the state of community wellbeing in Waterloo Region
  • Understand the status of wellbeing in Waterloo Region at the system level
  • Understand the impact of our efforts and actions identified in the wellbeing plan
  • Tell us over time whether community wellbeing is improving

The Measurement and Monitoring working group was established to advance this work, identifying the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) as the overall framework for measuring wellbeing in Waterloo Region.

The working group identified many indicators to measure the complexity of wellbeing under each of the eight domains of the CIW, based on advice from the CIW.

Click the image below to learn more about these indicators.

There were also many indicators that were not used in the Profile of Wellbeing, but were identified by the Measurement and Monitoring working group as potential data sets to use for program and service level planning.

Other Potential Indicators for Wellbeing Waterloo Region – Not included in the profile for wellbeing (2017) (PDF table)

Profile of Wellbeing in Waterloo Region (2018)

In the Profile of Wellbeing (2018) we provide a portrait of population wellbeing in Waterloo Region using the most recent data available on selected indicators for each of the domains of wellbeing.  The report also describes how wellbeing varies compared to Ontario and Canada. The comparison of indicators is one important piece of information that helps us to understand how residents are doing and where we might choose to direct greater efforts in planning and programming.

Short version: Profile of Wellbeing in Waterloo Region (short)

Long version: Read the Profile of Wellbeing for Waterloo Region (long)

Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey (2019)

As a follow-up to the Profile of Wellbeing (2018), results from the Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey (2019) were recently released.