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Chinese New Year celebrations

There’s no better time than now to embrace Canada’s multicultural diversity, enhance our awareness about Chinese traditions and festivities, and celebrate cultural sharing. Chinese New Year celebrations showcase the richness of Chinese culture and offer an opportunity for us to create a sense of belonging for many Chinese Canadians.

You can also partake in the festivities and celebrate our diversity by printing, posting, and sharing our Chinese New Year poster in your community centres and places of work!

Connecting the Dots Workshop – Dec., 2018

View the Connecting the Dots presentation from the session held in Regional Council Chambers, December, 14, 2018.

An update on Wellbeing activities across the Region

Summer Update 2018

short update on Wellbeing Waterloo Region activities.

Indigenous Community Consultations for WWR

The purpose of the Indigenous Community Consultations report is to provide an overview of the issues and calls to action identified through the one-to-one meetings with Indigenous leaders and allies.

Draft Wellbeing Waterloo Region Actions

Based on community consultation and data, draft actions have been developed in order to move the wellbeing vision forward.  Over the summer plans we will be developing work plans for each of the actions including the identification of resources, timelines, deliverables, measurement etc… This information will come back to the Reference group in September for them to prioritize and approve which actions are to go forward. Download the Actions for review.

Overview of Wellbeing Waterloo Region

The Overview of Wellbeing Waterloo Region provides the main components of the Wellbeing Waterloo Region Strategy.

Social Inclusion Workshop

Through the Wellbeing Waterloo Region initiative, the community told us that they would like to create a social inclusion movement where everyone is welcome and can belong. But how do we create this movement? How do we seek equity, prevent isolation and strengthen belonging? A workshop to gather insights for inclusion was held on May 30th gather different perspectives on how to build an inclusive Waterloo Region. Insights into inclusion workshop – May 30 2018

Feedback from the workshop is now available.

Community updates

Read the February, 2018 community update.

Governance workshop

On January 23 2018 a workshop was held to discuss governance models for Wellbeing Waterloo Region.  Discussions on the future governance model will take place throughout February and March 2018 and a draft will be presented in late March.
To see the power point from this workshop.

Beyond Reports Data Forum

Data and reports are everywhere but gaining easy access to the information and making sense of it can be challenging for organizations and citizens. View the consolidated slide deck from the day’s events from the ‘Beyond Reports” Forum on December 8th, 2017.

Watch video from the forum:

Input to inform priorities:
In order to develop a Wellbeing strategy that is focused on the most pressing needs and priorities of the community, data was gathered through both citizen input (qualitative data) as well as statistics from secondary sources (quantitative data).   Both types of data are needed in order to ensure that our understanding is improved by integrating different ways of knowing.

Read the Reference group meeting notes – October 12, 2017

Qualitative input
Consultation with community organizations, collaboratives, citizens and people with lived experience from across Waterloo Region took place from June 2016 – June 2017.

Quantitative Data – Profile of Wellbeing
Throughout the past several months the measurement working group has worked with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) to identify indicators that measure the complexity of wellbeing under each of the eight domains of the CIW.

Some of these indicators are included in the “Profile of Wellbeingreport developed by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.  Others will be used by the community to provide deeper information to inform system and service planning

Quantitative and Qualitative data combined – Focused population outreach

In order to ensure that we reached out to groups that may not typically participate in public input processes or that may get lost in the averages of general population health indicators (CIW), we implemented focused outreach with specific populations.  View the Partner Agency Survey Results – August 2017 report.

View the Partner Agency Surveys Compared with Resident Surveys report.

Data sense making workshop

A workshop was held on August 2, 2017 to make sense of the community input received and begin to identify key themes and common issues for Wellbeing Waterloo Region. This PDF shows the notes from the data sense making session.

Community Conversations

Wellbeing Waterloo Region, The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation, and United Way Waterloo Region Communities partnered to host a series of four Community Conversations.

The goals of the Community Conversations were:

  • To provide an opportunity for members of the community to provide input into the priority setting work of Wellbeing Waterloo Region
  • To continue the recent momentum related to the latest release of the Waterloo Region’s Vital Signs® and other community priority focused discussions and work
  • To discuss strengths of the community, opportunities for improvement, root causes and obstacles underlying the opportunity areas, and possible solutions

Below are the full reports for each community conversation.  The content in these report have not been summarized, rather they document all responses.   A summary of the input received from the Community Conversations will be posted in early fall.





Community Conversations Website.

Community Forum # 3

On May 24, Wellbeing Waterloo Region held its third community forum for the Wellbeing Waterloo Region. At this forum 60 service providers and community members from across the region were engaged in a conversation about the input and feedback from the Wellbeing Waterloo Region (WWR) Community engagement process so far.    The conversation followed a “What? So what? Now what?” process as a way to start to make sense of what has been heard so far.

This PDF document shares the notes from that conversation


  • Make meaning of themes emerging from community consultations
  • Continue discussion of potential priorities for collective action
  • Continue discussion of vision for wellbeing in Waterloo Region

View Participant Package

View Wellbeing Waterloo Community Forum 3 Presentation

Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community Forum 2 Input

Thank-you to all those who attended our second community forum. A summary report has been compiled of all of the input we received through exercises and table conversations. The input will be used to shape Wellbeing Waterloo Region as we move forward in developing an action plan by October 2017.

View Summary Report from Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community Forum 2

Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community Forum 2 Content


  • Provide an overview from the previous forum and public input gathered to date
  • Provide an overview of the status of wellbeing in Waterloo Region
  • Identify key elements for our future vision of wellbeing in Waterloo Region
  • Discuss and identify criteria to make decisions on future priorities
  • Identify what area we could focus on to strengthen or improve wellbeing in our community regardless of the sector/program area we work in
  • Engage and involve the community in ways that enhance collaboration and community partnerships

View Participant Package

Wellbeing Waterloo Region Progress Update – Mike Murray

View Mike’s Presentation

Wellbeing in Waterloo Region – Bryan Smale, Canadian Index of Wellbeing

View Bryan’s Presentation

Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community

Forum 1 Input

Thank-you to all those who attended our first community forum. A summary report has been compiled of all of the input we received by individuals and groups through exercises and table conversations. The input will be used to shape Wellbeing Waterloo Region as we move forward in developing an action plan by October 2017.

View Summary Report from Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community Forum 1

Wellbeing Waterloo Region Community

Forum 1 Content


  • Engage and involve the community in ways that enhance collaboration and community partnerships
  • Discuss the factors that contribute to community wellness/wellbeing in Waterloo region
  • Identify what is already being done to support community wellness/wellbeing
  • Learn about “collective impact” and gauge interest and importance in developing a common agenda for community wellness/wellbeing in Waterloo Region
  • Begin to identify areas of common focus

Community Wellness Initiative Background – Mike Murray – Chief Administrative Officer Region of Waterloo

View Mike’s presentation

Mike Murray – Wellness Forum video

Social Determinants of Health – Building Opportunities for Community Wellbeing – Stephanie Lefebvre, Manager, Service Collaboration, CMHA Sudbury/Manitoulin

View Stephanie’s presentation

Stephanie Lefebvre – Wellness Forum video

Thinking and Acting Differently; An Overview of Collective Impact – Sylvia Cheuy, Director, Deepening Community, Tamarack Institute

View Sylvia’s presentation

Sylvia Cheuy – Wellness Forum video

Participant Package

View participant package

Capacity Building Series: Enhance skills; Shape direction:

Capacity Building Session 4

What: Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem
Who: Elliot Fung, Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network
When: 1 – 4 p.m. Monday June 12, 2017
Where: Waterloo Region Museum

View “Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem Presentation”

View “Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem Graphic”

View “Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem Supporting Documentation”

Capacity Building Session 3

What: Improving Community Wellbeing: Using a Health Equity Lens
Who: Samiya Abdi & Kim Bergeron, Public Health Ontario
When: 1 – 4 p.m. Friday January 20, 2017
Where: Room 508, 99 Regina St. South, Waterloo

View “Improving Community Wellbeing-Using a health Equity Lens” Presentation

View “Planning with a Health Equity Lens Resources”

View “Health Equity Lens Worksheets”

Capacity Building Session 2

What: “How do we measure a community’s wellbeing?”
Who: Bryan Smale, Director of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing
Who: Panel of speakers who have used the CIW
When: Thursday December 8, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Where: Council Chambers, 150 Frederick St. Kitchener
HowView “How to measure a community’s wellbeing” workshop presentation

Visit the Canadian Index of Wellbeing website for more information

Capacity Building Session 1

What: Community Engagement Planning Workshop
Who: Lisa Attygalle, Director of Engagement, Tamarack Institute
When: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Friday November 4th, 2016
Where: Room 508, 99 Regina St. South, Waterloo

View Community Engagement Planning Workshop Presentation

View Tamarack’s Community Engagement Planning Toolkit

View What We Heard About Engagement for the Community Wellness Initiative