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There are many ways you can get involved in the Wellbeing Waterloo Region Initiative.

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Join us! to explore ways of communicating and sharing data beyond reports:

  • Learn about what we are doing locally and what other communities are doing to communicate, visualize and share data;
  • Explore ways to move beyond reports so we can improve access and make data easy to understand and use in Waterloo Region.
  • Download and read the Participant Package – Beyond Reports.

Speakers include (but not limited to):

Richard Pietro – Founder OGT Productions & CitizenBridge
Richard Pietro socializes Open Government & Open Data by creating Civic Engagement as Art. Some of his projects include the 2014 Open Government Tour, the Toronto Open Data Book Club, and Open – The World’s first short film on Open Government, Open Data, and Open Source. He also worked collaboratively with the Ontario Ministry of Housing to the “Open Data in Reverse” as a method to create, publish, and activate Open Data sets. This process helped the government win a nationally recognized award for engagement. Most recently his Open Data Iron Chef workshop has garnered attention due to its innovative way for introducing Open Government & Open Data to students at both the secondary and university levels.
  Harvey Low – Manager –  Social Research Unit, City of Toronto.
With a degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Ryerson University, Harvey Low has over 30 years of experience as a social researcher.  He is the Manager of the Social Research Unit of the Social Development Division at the City of Toronto. Harvey currently chairs the City of Toronto’s Research Network, and is a representative on the City’s Open Government Committee.
  Mike Murray – Chief Administrative Officer, Region of Waterloo.
Mike Murray is currently the Chief Administrative Officer with the Regional Municipality of Waterloo where he has overall responsibility for all of the Region’s functions including Community Services; Public Health and Emergency Services; Transportation and Environmental Services; Planning, Development and Legislative Services; Corporate Services; and Human Resources and Citizen Service, and all related corporate support functions.
Jennifer Temmer – Project Officer with IISD’s SDG Knowledge Program.
Jennifer Temmer brings her background in agriculture, rural planning and international development to the team. Jennifer has worked with many First Nations communities in Manitoba, developing northern garden projects and compost programs, organizing land-use mapping workshops, helping to develop a business plan for a Fishery Co-op, researching Metis Population health data, developing capacity and training youth. Jennifer also spent time in Honduras working with a micro-credit program for indigenous women and doing research in technology transfer for sustainable agricultural techniques.Jennifer currently works on a number of Indicator projects including Peg- Winnipeg’s Community Indicator System, the SDG Indicators Portal and the Lake Winnipeg Indicators Working Group.
Glenn Pothier – President, GLPi.
Glenn Pothier is the founder and president of GLPi — a strategy, facilitation and outreach-consulting firm focused on helping clients to operate successfully and communicate effectively in complex environments. GLPi develops and executes powerful, compelling strategies, and provides a full-range of stakeholder engagement and qualitative/quantitative research services. For over two decades, he has helped countless organizations from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to develop new approaches, nurture ideas, and reposition themselves (and/or their initiatives) to meet the challenges of a changing operating environment.
Kevin Tuer – Managing Director, Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX), Vice President Strategic Initiatives, Communitech
Kevin Tuer is Managing Director of the Canadian Open Data Exchange as well as Vice President Strategic Initiatives for Communitech. Kevin leads cluster building activities including open data, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), for the purpose of creating or accelerating new opportunities in emerging fields for the private sector.  Previously, Kevin was the founding Managing Director of the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), a federal Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research. Kevin also led the design and deployment of the Communitech Hub, a world leading innovation centre located in the Waterloo Region. Kevin holds a BASc (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering, a MASc in Mechanical Engineering, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.  Further information can be found at

Ron Jaros, Manager, Peel Data Centre, Information Management Division, Service Innovation, Information and Technology, Region of Peel.

Ron Jaros is the Manager of the Peel Data Centre for the Region of Peel.  In this role he manages a Team of data and GIS professionals to provide access to data about Peel, the GTAH and our local municipalities available through a Peel Data Centre website and Open Data.  Ron is also actively engaged in a number of data and Open Data initiatives and is a member of the Regional Information Systems Working Group and the Public Sector Open Data group.  Ron is also one of the co-chairs of the Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) Open Data Special Interest Group.

Ron has an undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University and a graduate degree in Environmental Studies from York University.

Margaret Parkin, Manager of the Planning Research and Analytics Team, Region of Waterloo.

As the Manager of the Planning Research and Analytics team at the Region of Waterloo, Margaret is responsible for population and employment forecasts, monitoring growth, and demographic and economic analysis. She is a participant on the Region’s Open Data committee, Waterloo Region Collaborative Economic Research Group, Wellbeing Waterloo Region Measurement and Monitoring Working Group, and is the current Chair of the Region’s Data Networking Working Group (DNWG).

Ryan Erb – Huron-Perth United Way
Ryan has more than 17 years of non-profit management, community development, fundraising and marketing experience, and currently serves as the Executive Director of the United Way Perth-Huron. Ryan has been, and continues to be, an active volunteer with other not-for-profit organizations, including Rotary and his church. Ryan enjoys hiking, hockey and spending time with friends. He holds an M.A. in Leadership, a B.A. in Social Development/Peace and Conflict, and a B.R.E. in Counselling. The ‘my Perth Huron Initiative’ is a community resource that measures and tracks trends to encourage discussion that influences and ignites positive social change.

Working groups

There is always an open seat at each table/working group as members of the community are invited to join the working groups at any time throughout the process.

There is always an open seat at each table/working group as members of the community are invited to join the working groups at any time throughout the process. Based on feedback an official structure for the Wellbeing Initiative will be determined once the areas of priority and action are identified. In the interim: A small Planning Group will provide input on the planning process.

  • A small Planning Group will provide input on the planning process.
  • A Reference Group has been established to provide advice and direction on the overall initiative’s decisions.
  • There are also several working groups established to ensure that the goal areas are achieved. Working Group members include individuals from different sectors specific to the task at hand. Working Groups are accountable to the Reference Group.
    Backbone Support is the organization that provides ongoing support to all functions of Wellbeing Waterloo Region and work groups.

The Region of Waterloo was identified as the most appropriate organization to provide interim backbone support until a backbone organization is identified/confirmed by the formal structure once it is established. Click here to review the current working group’s membership.

For more information on the working groups contact the backbone support staff – Lorie Fioze or call at 519-575-4758.

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