The Science of Inclusion


Watch the video below!


What might a “fusion” of diverse perspectives look like in your area of work? What have you been excluded from?  What can you do to prevent exclusion?


  • Pay attention to the cold shoulder.
  • Try serving a hot beverage at your next meeting and use it as a jumping off point to discuss what you learned from the video.

3 thoughts on “The Science of Inclusion

  1. An excuse to serve tea at my meetings – thank you I am going to break out my china teapot! I love trying to create something new – synthesis, fusion a truly new way of thinking/being/learning. Love it! (I am just an English grad and manager – what do I know!)

  2. As a minority in the society, I can say that I experienced cold shoulder and micro-aggression way too often. Sometimes when you are treated as if you are not important, as if your voices, your ideas are valueless, you start to believe so. Thanks for addressing the topic. I would like to just put out a reminder that YOUR VOICES MATTER NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT OHTER PEOPLE THINK, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE THE MINORITY.

    It is very difficult to fight against systematic racism because it can be difficult to capture, unlike the explicit racism of calling names and acting in violent way. But there are ways to tackle it if it is well-defined. Are you be giving the same types of roles? Is your time being valued just the same as the others? Record them and they will be your weapon against the systematic racism.

  3. I enjoyed reading about this idea related to inclusion: When standing in a group, don’t stand in a circle, stand in a horse shoe. That way, it gives the message that you group is welcoming other people to your group and it makes it easier for others to have the courage to join you.


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