Are You Biased? I Am…


Watch the video below!


Why do you think we hold on to our biases, despite any strong beliefs or experiences we have that are in conflict with them?


  • Identify one bias you may hold that you haven’t fully recognized until now.
  • Try flipping your mindset to test yourself.

9 thoughts on “Are You Biased? I Am…

  1. Great insight – you only have to look at international pay data to see the glass ceiling is not yet broken. The “flip trick” is great and it works!

  2. I think I am sometimes biased against people who access the social net, and appear to have no disabilities. I know that many disabilities are hidden, and I strive to remember that at all times, but sometimes the knee jerk reaction is not the right one.

  3. Good talk! The talk made me reflect on why individuals can be biased and how to combat these biases.

    We are biased because we often formed wrong assumptions based on distorted and incomplete knowledge of the reality. For example, we saw more men in leadership positions than women and therefore assumed that men are leaders and women are not (and not capable of being one). The reality, however, may be that women are not leaders not because they are not capable of but because many other reasons such as lack of training and opportunities to be one. To combat biases, it is important to constantly examine our assumptions – how do we come to the assumptions and whether they make logical sense.


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