Why We Need to Talk About White Feminism


Watch the video below!


Do you believe in gender equality and/or identify with the feminist ethics of care? What are the differences between White Feminism and Intersectional Feminism? How do women struggle differently, based on their various identity markers?


  • Put an intersectional lens on your feminism and/or anti-oppression practice.
  • The next time you are talking about gender, be specific – which women/men are you talking about? Is anyone missing from the conversation?

One thought on “Why We Need to Talk About White Feminism

  1. Good talk, recognizing there are more voices to feminism is important. Recognize there are diverse groups in our society is important. Again, as an Asian Canadian, I felt Asian is greatly under-represented in most of the discussions. Considering the asian population in Canada (17.7%!), I am shocked to see so few Asian representation in the media. Out of the 20+ videos that I watched, I don’t think I see asian being featured in any of them!


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