Inclusion Starts with ‘I’


Watch the video below!


Were there any statements in this video that disrupted your thinking? Were there any biases identified that you’ve ever held unconsciously?


  • Identify one way you could remove a barrier in your community for someone who may struggle to feel included.

5 thoughts on “Inclusion Starts with ‘I’

  1. Everyone has bias but I found the hardest part is how to remove a barrier for someone who may struggle to feel included. For now I continue to help a Syrian Refugee family so the kids can play socc4er and Mom can practice English. At work I am trying to promote hiring practices that encourage diversity

  2. I have had to take time in the past to deal with issues at my son’s schools or leave early for concerts or sporting events. I lead a team of five and one of my group is a man with a daughter….I actively encourage him to take time to attend her events and helped with a work around when she was having some stress and anxiety issues….parenting is NOT just mothering!

  3. I will make an effort to introduce myself to others instead of waiting for them to initiate the introduction. As an introvert, it’s more comfortable for others to start introductions. As a person of privilege, I can be more welcoming to others by introducing myself instead of leaving the responsibility with others who may find this challenging.

  4. As a group leader I’ve always thought it a difficult situation to ask people who don’t like to speak up in a group, to become involved and contribute to conversations in that group setting. I feel as though I’m potentially being “too pushy”.


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