Diversity and Inclusion: Lessons in Friendship and Love


Watch the video below!


What do you think about Maryam’s approach of sharing her story to create common understanding and build new relationships? What might this look like in the “adult” world?


  • Think about ways this approach could be implemented in your community.
  • Try sharing something about yourself with others to create understanding.

3 thoughts on “Diversity and Inclusion: Lessons in Friendship and Love

  1. Excellent speech. This speech reminds me of the importance of authenticity and curiosity.

    Oftentimes by being curious and remain authentic and respectful, we will find out things you wouldn’t have known otherwise and connect with people in an authentic way. But sadly, sometimes people are too afraid to be curious and offending other people therefore we act in a polite (but passive aggressive way) to hide ourselves and actually pushed people away.


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